Keep the University District safe, clean, and reduce the amount of waste headed to landfills. Utilize these resources when you are ready to move out at least two weeks prior to the end of your lease.

Couches - Mattresses - Small Appliances - Carpets - Desks - Dressers - Lamps - Household Items

READY TO MOVE? Donate first!

Furniture Bank of Central Ohio.  
Your furniture will go towards families that need it the most. Plus, it's the green solution to keep unnecessary waste out of our landfills. Schedule a free pick-up one week in advance.
Call: 614-545-3838

A wide variety of household items can be donated to this non-profit for reuse. Items must be dropped-off at a retail donation center. The closest retail center is located at 2550 N. High Street.
Call: 614-294-5181

Volunteers of America
Household items can be donated to this non-profit for reuse. Schedule a free pick-up at least four days in advance.
Call: 614-272-2363

Habitat for Humanity ReStore
Anything to build or furnish a home can be donated to this non-profit. Schedule a free pick-up for large furniture items at least a week in advance. Other items may be dropped off at a donation center.
Call: 614-364-7028

National Kidney Services
This non-profit recycles furniture, household items, and electronics. A free pick-up (weekdays only) can be scheduled one week in advance.
Call: 614-351-2900

Neighborhood Services, Inc.  
Clothing and non-perishable food items can go to University District families in need. Clothing must be washed and clean prior to donation at 1950 N Fourth Street, M-F, between 9:00am - 3:00pm.
Call: 614-297-0592

Community Computer Alliance 
Working or non-working electronics can be recycled through the organization. They will accept computer monitors, flat screen TVs, and tube TVs for a fee. There are several drop-off locations around Columbus.
Call: 614-223-1530

For a complete donation and recycling resource guide visit: for more information


Can't Donate or Recycle? CALL THE CITY OF COLUMBUS!

Improper disposal of trash and bulk items (couches, mattresses, carpets, desks) is illegal. Bulk items cannot be abandoned in alleyways or you may be subject to a fine. Contact Columbus City Services to schedule a FREE pick-up of your bulk items.

Phone:    614-645-3111 or 311
Download the App:  Droid Download    iTunes Download 

Please follow these guidelines when disposing items:

  • DO NOT place bulk items in your property's dumpster
  • DO NOT place bulk items in front of your property's dumpster (it will not make it get picked up faster)
  • DO NOT abandon bulk items in the alley - this prohibits refuse trucks from accessing pick-up sites
  • DO NOT disassemble furniture pieces
  • DO NOT use drop-off sites for refrigerated appliances (mini-fridges, air conditioners, de-humidifiers) - see below
  • Roll carpets into bundles no larger than 4 feet long and 2 feet in diameter - then tie with a rope
  • Place smaller bulk items in a box


recycling special items

Items such as refrigerators, air conditioners, de-humidifiers, and TVs need to be handled by recycling and waste professionals. They cannot be picked-up by the City of Columbus. The Solid Waste Authority of Central Ohio (SWACO) provides a searchable resource directory for those items.

Visit: for more information



Use your blue City of Columbus recycling bins and fill it with acceptable items. Visit for more information about the city's recycling program.  If your property does not have a blue recycling container, drop it off at one of the 200 recycling bins placed around the city. Always remember to flatten your cardboard boxes before placing them in any recycling container!!