The planning process will not be static. Ideas for creative projects will be collected from the public that will be implemented as a series of artistic installations throughout the planning process. These pieces of art will demonstrate how public art and placemaking can help to enhance the future of the neighborhood. 

How should we tell the story of the University District?

public engagement

Community members came together for five workshops to discuss ideas relating to University District arts and history. They provided opportunities for hands-on engagement, story telling, live music listening, and an understanding of what makes the University District unique. From these workshops, the "Community Character Framework" was developed to guide the tactical art and plan recommendations.

Tactical Art Installations
During the public input phase, five temporary/tactical art installations will be placed throughout University District neighborhoods. The installations will help spur thoughts on long-term public art and event opportunities to be included in the final plan. Click on a project to learn more and provide input!

I like public art that is more permanent and can stand the test of time.
I like public art that is temporary and can change frequently.
Public art in the University District should make a bold statement and be highly visible.
Public art should blend in with the environment.
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