Help those that are homeless and afflicted by poverty.

Don't support panhandling!


Homelessness and poverty are a present issue in Columbus that is prevalent in all areas of the city. There are approximately 12,325 homeless in Ohio, 1,488 of which live in Columbus. 16.3% of Ohioans fall below the poverty level. There is a clear need for change, and you can assist in facilitating that need!

By choosing to donate time and money to one of these organizations instead of giving monetary donations, you can make a greater difference. When you give to panhandlers, while a compassionate act, doesn’t address the many potential underlying causes of poverty and homelessness. The organizations listed are designed to help those in need build the assets and skill sets so that there is no longer a need to depend on donations from individuals on the street. Please consider this before you give to panhandlers!

The University District supports the following organizations. Do your part and donate directly to their causes or donate your time as a volunteer.

get involved!

United Way:

Mid Ohio Food Bank:

NNEMAP Food Pantry:

Buckeye Food Alliance:

Columbus Coalition for the Homeless:

Neighborhood Services Inc.:

Godman Guild:

Huckleberry House:

Star House:

Faith Mission:



tips for responding to panhandlers

  • Walk briskly and confidently - don't stop
  • Politely say "no" or "sorry"
  • Do not follow a person if asked
  • Do not fall for hard luck stories
  • A panhandler may not impede you from walking or place their hands on you
  • Call 911 if you feel threatened