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The University District Special Improvement District provides basic outreach service to those in need. If you see someone needing assistance, do not hesitate to contact the SID Hotline at 614-395-1600! Our Steward team will attempt to make contact and provide assistance. Questions? Call the Hotline or email at

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United Way:

Mid Ohio Food Bank:

NNEMAP Food Pantry:

Buckeye Food Alliance:

Columbus Coalition for the Homeless:

Neighborhood Services Inc.:

Godman Guild:

Huckleberry House:

Star House:

Faith Mission:



tips for responding to panhandlers

  • Walk briskly and confidently - don't stop

  • Politely say "no" or "sorry"

  • Do not follow a person if asked

  • Do not fall for hard luck stories

  • A panhandler may not impede you from walking or place their hands on you

  • Call 911 if you feel threatened