graffiti removal authorization

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The University District Special Improvement District (UDSID) provides a complimentary graffiti removal program for property owners within the boundaries of the District. Every effort will be made to remove graffiti within 72 hours of observing it or within 72 hours of receiving a request from a property owner to remove it (subject to weather conditions, holidays, and special event duties).


  1. Graffiti will only be removed from the first floor of a building/structure (or a measurement from the base of the ground up to ten (10) feet);
  2. Graffiti must be visible from the public right-of-way;
  3. Paint that is furnished by the UDSID will match closely, within reason, to the existing paint found on the building;
  4. Traces left by the graffiti removal process, such as surface discoloration or paint lines, may result and shall be no fault of the property owner, the UDSID, its employees or contractors.
  5. A Right of Entry Consent for each building address must be submitted if it has not been submitted already.

I consent for the UDSID and its agents to remove the graffiti from the structures at the following street addresses using the methods specified below:

Methods *
(Check appropriate boxes)
(i.e. paint type and color if known)
Name *
Phone *
Agreement *
By checking this box, the Owner or Owner's Agent agrees to the terms and methods chosen above. The UDSID and its agents will not cover existing exposed materials on a building. Sandblasting is not a method that the UDSID will attempt to remove graffiti. The Owner or Owner's Agent will release the UDSID and its agents from any liability or damage caused during the removal process unless the UDSID or its agetns are grossly negligent in their work.