OSU Faculty & Staff Incentives

The OSU Faculty & Staff University District Homeownership Incentive Program is a down payment assistance program that consists of a zero interest forgivable loan in the amount equal to 6% of the home's appraised value capped at $15,000.  That amount will be applied towards the down payment, closing costs and/or reduction in principal amount on a home purchased in the University District Homeownership Incentive Area.


city of columbus incentives

Tax abatements for newly constructed structures, renovation of existing structures, and renovation of rental properties are available for many parts of the University District. Neighborhoods eligible for these tax benefits include Weinland Park, Indianola Terrace, Glen Echo, Indianola Forest, Northwood Park, and the southern portion of Old North Columbus. Please refer to the map to see areas that are included. Contact the City of Columbus Housing Division to determine eligibility and details.