UDO Launches U Should Know Project

Residents and businesses make the University District a thriving and dynamic neighborhood of Columbus. In an effort to recognize the vast diversity of residents and business owners, the University District Organization is launching the "U Should Know" project.

U Should Know will be a video and bio series featuring University District residents, businesses, and those that work in the District. The goal is to shed light on the other side of the University District not dominated by Ohio State, student culture, and athletics. While there is no denying that the University District and Ohio State University are intrinsically linked, there are many stories to be told by those that just happen to reside in the shadow of a major public university. The project is currently seeking referrals to feature individuals in a short bio to be posted on the U Should Know blog page and social media. Referrals can be submitted here: http://www.universitydistrict.org/ushouldknow

The project is being spearheaded by the University District Organization, a non-profit planning and community organizing institution which has worked in the University District neighborhoods since 1974.  For additional information, please contact Matthew Hansen, Executive Director at 614-294-5113 or info@universitydistrict.org

Project support also provided by the Greater Columbus Arts Council.