New Mural is an Insta-Grammable Hit

The University Community Business Association (UCBA) set out to make an mural that would transform a previously blank wall into an iconic art piece with a strong University District identity.


Situated at North High Street and East Thirteenth Avenue, the wall was often subjected to graffiti tags which the special improvement district was consistently having to remedy.


UCBA initially engaged the Neighborhood Design Center to generate concepts for the wall. The goal was to create a backdrop to encourage picture taking in front of it as well as help identify the University District area.

The Neighborhood Design Center arranged the vertical lettering. The main backdrop would come from local artist Adam Hernandez whose street art inspired style lends well to encapsulating the University District's edgy spirit.

Featuring University District street names such as "Pearl Alley," "Indianola," and "Chittenden," the mural also features words like "peace" and "respect" which help convey the District's overall vibe.

Grab your photo in front of the #osuhighstreetmural and post it to your favorite social media! Want to see more art like this in the University District? Support more art initiatives by buying one of our tees found on the store page!