The University District community is large and diverse. "Your dream is my memory" embraces that diversity and relies on the trust of others in order achieve project success. Reserve your block and agree to the direction in the reservation form and attached to the block.

Project Timeline:

11.22.16 thru 12.12.16 - Anyone can get a block from the following locations and take it home:

Ace of Cups (2619 N High)
King Avenue United Methodist Church (299 King Ave)
Gateway Film Center (1550 N High)
Northwood-High Building, Room 100 (2231 N High)
Ohio Union (1739 N High, #3106)
Wild Goose Creative (2491 Summit)

12.13.16 - Attend the Convergence of the Blocks and meet other participants. Blocks will be assembled to reveal an image and message.