Neighborhood 100

Project Details ‘Neighborhood 100’
The intent of the ‘Neighborhood 100’ is to create 100 small objects for that will be distributed for display to residents and businesses throughout the University District.

Meet the Artist: Rory Krupp

Rory Krupp lives in the University District in Columbus, Ohio. He attended the Ohio State University and the University of Cincinnati. He has shown his artwork in galleries and art fairs in Columbus, New York, Chicago, Miami and Singapore. He has exhibited at museums in Los Angeles and Delaware, Ohio. He has won an Ohio Arts Council Individual Artist Excellence grant and attended artist residencies in Michigan and Vermont.

Concept Description & Sketches:
“Your dream is my memory”
Wood, acrylic and latex paint.

One hundred 6” x 6” painted and numbered wooden blocks arranged in a 10 x 10 block standing grid.

“Your dream is my memory” explores aggregation and community. While many art project using multiples involve loss or the repetition of a single concept this project utilizes community involvement to realize the complete piece. The 100 wooden blocks are distributed to the public who meet and assemble the blocks to reveal text on one side and a painting on the other. While each block can stand alone as a piece the full picture can only be realized when all 100 people gather at once. The art work, like the community, is made a disparate and diverse group that manifests itself when it comes together.

October & November - Fabrication of blocks
November 22 - Distribution of blocks
December 13 - Participant Meet-up Event

A Project Of:
The Univeristy District Organization (UDO) is a non-profit planning and community improvement organization incorporated in 1971 to work towards the stabilization and revitalization of the University District.