Art from Nature

Project Details: ‘Art from Nature’
The intent of the ‘Art from Nature’ installation is to create an art piece for placement in Iuka Park that integrates with the landscape. The installation will use natural materials that degrade over time and limit the environmental impacts to the site. Items will be sourced from the park, and/or the surround area - much of which will be invasive plant material.


Meet the Artist: Walter Herrmann

I received my B.F.A. in Ceramics from Edinboro University of Pennsylvania, in 1998. Shortly after, I moved to Columbus, where I have been working as a sculptor, arts facilitator, art director, and consultant for the last 20 years. During this time, I have built numerous installations and exhibited in several solo exhibitions. My last solo exhibit was held at the Columbus Cultural Art Center, in February, 2015. The installation consisted 12 tons of lumber salvaged out of dumpsters and cut into brick size. The bricks were then stacked into 13 large cone like hives reaching as high as 12’ and spanning as wide as 6’ in diameter.

A 20' x 10' woven wood sculpture placed between two existing ash tree trunks.

A Project Of:
The University District Organization (UDO) is a non-profit planning and community improvement organization incorporated in 1971 to work towards the stabilization and revitalization of the University District.