Art on Public Property

Art that is proposed for public property such as a street right-of-way, sidewalk, tree lawn, alley, or city park requires a few approval steps. You will need to meet with area civic groups for review but ultimately, the City of Columbus Art Commission has authority to review all projects located within public property.

  1. Contact the University District Organization to discuss how it can help. Along with helping to navigate the process, UDO may be able to provide assistance with grant writing, serving as a fiscal agent, coordinating with neighborhood civic groups, and interfacing with city departments.
  2. Set up a meeting with the Arts Implementation Committee to review the project. Contact UDO to assist with this.
  3. After a review from the Art Implementation Committee, contact the Columbus Art Commission to find out necessary approval steps from the Commission. Approval may also include recommendation from a local governing body such as the University Area Commission or civic association. The Art Commission contact can provide guidance.
  4. Once approval is received from the Art Commission, additional permits, maintenance agreements, and insurance may be required from a number of city departments. Be sure to ask for guidance from the Art Commission contact on which department will need to be engaged.
  5. Provide an update to the Art Implementation Committee once approvals and permits have been finished!
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