fun, funky, and irreverent art


The spirit of the University District has been influenced from its earliest days by the diversity of people that have called it home. Whether seeking a better life, taking a journey of education and self-discovery, or searching for a place that allows from creative self-expression, our residents have helped shape the neighborhood into the vibrant, diverse, and irreverent place it is today. Taking that spirit and enhancing the University District's community of arts venues and artists - whether visual, performing, music, or written - has become a priority for residents and businesses.


The University District Arts & Character Plan creates a blueprint for the neighborhoods' artistic path forward. It showcases community-generated concepts that can be implemented with a community-driven action plan. The plan also represents a framework so that when artists and creatives from outside of the University District produce work, they can easily be inspired.

Through extensive community input, workshops, surveys here is what the community said:

  • We are fun, funky, and irreverent - let's stay that way

  • We love our neighborhood lore - let's celebrate it

  • We're under the radar - our art should be too

  • We have a huge array of artists - let's provide them a canvas to create

  • We have many neighborhoods & people - they need represented


current projects


An Arts & Character Plan Implementation Committee of the University District Organization was formed to help enhance the arts in the University District. The committee consists community members, businesses, and institutional partners representing arts organizations in the area. Current work of the Committee including requests for artists, proposals, and progress updates can be found here.


Community involvement


Hey! But I have an art project that I want to get off the ground!

Community art is always welcome in the University District as the area has a long history of grass-roots initiatives. There are two paths to consider when creating public art: